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Buy with confidence. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money will be refunded (minus shipping) upon return of the unused rug within a 15 day period!!


Current rug prices start at $16.00 per square foot, depending upon size.. We can create your rug to fit most sizes, including circles, shapes, and odd sizes. Please be aware that any size larger than 72” in height will be higher priced due to canvas size restrictions. Shipping will be higher for anything over 72” in height.

You may purchase your rug through the Paypal buttons below, or we can create a budget payment plan through Paypal that will automatically be billed monthly or bi-weekly.

We also accept personal checks or money orders. Rugs will be shipped after checks clear, or financing is complete.

Not familiar with Paypal? You can set up a free account with Paypal that will allow you to send or receive money from your bank account, electronic check, or credit card, to or from anyone on the internet. It is free for you to use, easy to set up, and safe and secure! Sign up now! Click Here for details!

Prices include Shipping and Handling


2 X 3..$102.00  


3 X 3..$151.00


4 X 4..$266.00


5 X 5 ...$412.00


6 X 6..$592.00


2 X 4..$134.00


3 X 4..$199.00


4 X 5..$330.00


5 X 6 ...$492.00


         6 X 7..$688.00

2 X 5..$166.00

3 X 5..$248.00


4 X 6..$394.00


       5 X 7 ...$574.00

6 X 8..$784.00


2 X 6..$198.00


3 X 6..$296.00


       4 X 7..$458.00

5 X 8 ...$654.00


6 X 9..$880.00


2 X 7..$231.00

       3 X 7..$344.00

4 X 8..$524.00


5 X 9 ...$734.00



2 X 8..$263.00


3 X 8..$392.00


         4 X 9..$588.00



Don’t see the size or shape you need? Just E-mail for details or with questions, and I will create a purchase button to fit the size rug you need, or you can go to and click on the ‘send money’ button, then put in the ‘send to’ .

Thank you for your business! After purchase, I will contact you by E-mail to get the details of your design. I look forward to creating something wonderful especially for you!

Please be sure to include your email address when you purchase your rug. THANK YOU!!

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