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BIOS of those two Designing Artists,
Brian and Marie


Brian and Marie Bridgeforth met in September of 1989, while Marie was airbrushing in a shop in Military Circle Mall. It was love at first site, and they married in August of 1990. This began a whirlwind love affair of painting and creating together that continues to this day. This is their story:

Brian Bridgeforth was born in Norfolk, VA. When he was a small boy, Brian often got into trouble for drawing weather maps and such on the walls of his house, and always had some sort of art project going. He spent most of his childhood in Norfolk, but relocated to San Diego, CA where he graduated from Point Loma High School. Brian’s career in art started early when he sold his drawings to fellow classmates and teachers while still in High School. Moving back to Norfolk, VA, Brian attended Old Dominion University where he majored and excelled in Art.

Brian has won numerous art contests and awards for his art, and has been featured in newspapers showcasing his skill. His artwork has also been featured in Museums as far away as Israel. Brian worked as a designer for Mariah Vision 3 Entertainment, Dynamic Planet Studios, and Blaque Feather Media. Brian has designed projects for submission to Dollywood, Disney, and other large companies, and now designs new products for General Foam Plastics, Inc., and Walmart.

Marie Dye Bridgeforth was born and raised in the western part of Virginia, and graduated from Tazewell High School. Marie always had a love of arts and crafts from the time she was a small child, using found items around the house to create works of art. She took several classes in Oil Painting, Floral Design, Composition, and Ceramics, and started an Airbrush business at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, VA. She soon opened an airbrush shop in Norfolk, VA, where she met Brian and married him soon thereafter.

Marie has been creating Fine Art Oil and Acrylic Paintings for over 25 years. Experienced in painting, ceramics, clock making, wood burning, woodcarving, Floral Design, and all things relating to interior decor, she has an eye for decorative art.

After marriage in 1990, Brian and Marie began painting huge works of art on wood panels, the average size being 4’ X 6’. They were featured in the Virginian-Pilot Newspaper, who showcased their unique style of both painting on the same works of art together.

Soon, the computer beckoned both Brian and Marie. Brian became a master at 3D Design, Digital Matte Painting, Character Design, Story Boards, Comics, and Product Design. Marie became a Photoshop Guru, and excelled in Web Page Design, animated Gifs and logos, and Digital Art.

But the paintbrush keeps luring both Brian and Marie back. Now, both put their talents to good use designing and painting floor cloths, paintings, and decorative items. Combining their skills with both the computer and by hand enables them to create works of art that not only please the discriminating eye, but offers the customer a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that is made to their specification.

The most important things to Brian and Marie are each other, God, Family and loved ones, and ART, whom without each, life would have no joy, purpose or meaning.

Favorite Music:

    Classical Wagner
    Van Halen
    Pink Floyd
    Led Zeppelin
    Jimi Hendrix

Art Influences:

    Peter Paul Rubens
    Diego Rivera
    Syd Mead
    Alex Ross
    Bob Ross
    Khoo Fuk Lung
    Andy Seto
    Albert Biggers

Favorite Movies:

    Lost Boys
    Once Upon a Time in the West
    Alien, Aliens, Alien III, Alien IV
    Apocalypse Now
    Lord of the Rings
    Sin City

Favorite Foods:

    Both Moms' cooking (both moms are named Alice too!)
    and Brian’s addiction to anything fried!
    Marie’s love of fresh veggies, especially those grown by her mom and dad

Favorite Saying:

             Hebrews 13:2


Kali and Koda, our beautiful  red Chow sisters who are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you so much, girls.

    Sunshine, our beautiful Chow/German Shephard mix, the ‘sunshine’ in our lives!

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